The Foundation 

Mr. Rutledge Long

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(Spoken Word Poem)
If you don’t have a strong foundation
Your relationships will be shaky.
You won’t give out love
You’ll always be taking
Or making promises to hearts
that slowly
end up breaking.
As a teacher you might expect that I am gonna show you the proof.
Your relationships mean nothing
 if they’re not based in the truth.
One little lie is all it takes
To plant a nasty seed
And relying on others to fill your needs is not called love, but greed.
Yes! When your foundation is Rock
And your life goal is serving
That means the Shepard is leading you to
 LOVE of which you’re truly not deserving.
Yes! when your foundation is Rock
Not because you’re a jock
or a fox,
Or smooth with a text thinking
the foundation of love
Is built on amazing sex.
Strong foundations are built
On Truth and Respect.
When your foundation is set
Next you need the reason
Caring for the other
And advancing their goals
Are never out of season.
“That’s deep,” Mr Long.
Think so? You’re not wrong,
Especially if what you’re used to
Is what you hear about in songs.
Your Love will be strongest when
You put God in his rightful place-
Your Valentine on an altar?
That relationship’s going to waste
after one taste.
When you realize she’s human,
The only fun is the chase
And you got her on lock but
 now you’re ready for the next.
That’s when it’s time for the mirror
to check your self-respect
 and motives.
I have to wonder about you, man,
Are you under relationship quotas?
Back to the foundation where
you’ll serve your spouse first.
True love is often best revealed
when times turn for the worst.
Like when you’re both throwing up
And need to go to the doctor
And she says she’s willing to drive
That’s love showing through in her offer.
And when you’re praying for the pain
to leave the cancer in your dad
Love helps you find peace
In all the memories you’ve had.
Love helps you pray for your best friend
When they’ve had a rough day
Love respects a man for who he is
Especially if he’s gay.
Love reminds you to clean up
When you left behind a mess
And love sustains you in the struggle of life
As you’re striving to do your best.
Love is, you may be thinking now
Strange and rather odd,
But it makes perfect sense to me
Knowing that
Love is God.

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The Foundation