I´ll remember

Edmundo A. Ortiz A

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I´ll remember. -Edmundo A. Ortiz A.

I will remember the little drop of rain,

Running through the window of the bus that

took us to what we always knew would happen.

I will remember the strange calm of the world that surrounded me.

I will remember imagining you in a thousand different ways.

I will remember feeling a thousand different hugs.

I will remember hearing your goodbye ahead of time.

I will remember imagining the last moment your being shared with mine.

I know I will remember pretending that it is normal.

I will remember that timid silence that we knew was approaching.

I will remember the dry tear that will remain forever on my cheek

As I´ll remember the corner of the restaurant where I hid the nostalgia that controlled me.

I will remember the infinite flight that took me to what I never understood would happen.

To that instant that exists in fact, but pretends and begs to be a fantasy.

To that moment where I realized what the soul postponed and would forever postpone,

Postpone to avoid feeling the pain it would cause.

I will remember the way I know you will look at me.

When you know what you already knew and get ready to leave.

I will remember the taste to memories that momentarily define who I am.

I will remember forgetting your goodbye, your silence and you leaving.

I will remember the strange feeling where smiles no longer rhyme.

Where your hugs cease to sound like melody,

Where your words cease to dance the way they did,

Where your memory is nothing more than words of poetry.

I will remember how I will transform you into a void full of you.

I will remember how I lived you through a pen, laughter and dreams,

Dreams that I hid in flavors and smells to you,

So that I could later feel you in a cup of coffee.

I will remember how there always will be things that I´ll live in shadows of you.

Shadows that light the way

Shadows that take me to a table sitting next to you.

Shadows that will tell me the story of past moments, but eternal images in ink to you.

I will remember the bus that took me to the moment I did not accept would happen.

I will remember the plane that lasts forever in your departure,

I will remember the moment that exists and will exist in fact,

but will stay forever in the dry tear that will never leave my cheek.

I will remember you in the soft breeze of summer and in the smell of cheap tea.

I will remember.

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I´ll remember