Chike Oniya

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It’s useless.
I was born this black I didn’t choose this.
But even if I could, man I wouldn’t change a thing, I wouldn’t lose this
I know my heritage I know that I’m a king,
and I sing, everyone one of us should have a dream, oh a dream a dream
yeah implicitly today we still dealing with segregation,
 as if you goin stop me with some simple separation,
This tension is a ticking time bomb in need of detonation
And I’ll pick up the fallen pieces for recreation
All of us are in need of a concrete explanation
How can someone fathom division is healthy for our nation
Whether it’s a call for a wall, that’s 100 feet tall
Are you telling me it’s the fault of them all who should suffer these laws
everything ain’t what it seems but we should all have a dream
we got in check, gotta get it movin
Barack Obama even got his own movie
but what  does this mean, is this what King died for?
Is this what Rose Parks sat in the jail and cried for?
is this what tons of black peoples went to riot for?
nah we seeing the wrong picture, you trynna wear a pair of shoes that don’t fit ya , this dream, oh this dream.
I have a vision, a dream where there was no such thing as division, a dream somewhere in alabama there was revision or provision of some sort of collision of black boys, black girls, hispanic boys, hispanic girls, asians, natives, and arabs, holding hands with little white boys and white girls
you see the true goal is to not just remove tensions between blacks and white but of people of all colors and cultures, a melting pot should be our true sculpture
Slavery is terrible I know, that pain is unbearable I know, but using that pain to fuel our hatred makes that pain wasted instead let’s use it for something sacred, Love.
Let us individually show love to all races and people from all locations
Love, that is how we’ll better our nation
Love, ah that was the dream

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