Neutrinos and Dark Matter

Aidan McMullen, Staff writer

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Neutrinos and Dark Matter

Have you ever thought about what would happen if a non-zero mass particle could consistently reach within ninety nine the speed of light? I was researching Dark Matter when I found that if there was some particle travelling near the speed of light, had a non-zero mass, and a plentiful sum of energy  it could create a fairly large amount of relativistic mass. The neutrino can fit in this criteria.  

Recently CERN had discovered that neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light, but that was due to faulty equipment. I for one am glad because I enjoy, whether it be an illusion or not, my free will. Still when they retried the test with better equipment they found that the neutrino can travel at around 0.99997 times the speed of light witch is about as close as a non-zero mass particle can go. Since the neutrinos are made by violent nuclear reactions within a star they have a short but incredibly strong initial acceleration. Although a particle with mass can’t reach the speed of light without infinite energy and mass it can get pretty close when they get to a speed such as 0.99997 times the speed of light they gain something like artificial mass this is call relativistic mass. The relativistic mass of a neutrino is around the number 5.3368360436105378600292278073356996091798kg when the original mass was 1.6726219 × 10-27 kg or 0.0000000000000000000000000016726219 this is an incredible transformation to go from less than a billionth of the mass of a proton to a significant mass for a fundamental particle.

Sustaining that comparatively large relativistic mass for such a small particle takes huge amounts of energy, a neutrino has that energy, but they are very elusive and pass through the universe undisturbed so we can’t detect most of the neutrinos in the universe. We do however know that they are the most frequent particles in the universe. With all these neutrinos all around the universe they are bound to have some effect on the gravitational value. Since neutrinos are made in the nuclear reactions inside of stars there tend to be a lot of them near star clusters that form more naturally. Then the neutrinos will start to help them out to form galaxies. Now they have even more neutrinos and start to form  galaxy clusters.

Now onto the problem of dark energy where it would be much easier to say that there is an alternate particle that creates an alternate energy that would take up space and expand. Since neutrinos don’t have the capability to have any relation to the expansion of space itself it would not help to solve that problem.                         

All of this leads to the conclusion that neutrinos serve the same purpose of dark matter. Which in turn could prove that there it is dark matter because the only way we know it’s there is its gravitational presence. There are also so many more possibilities for the neutrino one of which may be space travel by particle collision then to harness the manifestation of the energy to reach speeds we only dream about now.


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Neutrinos and Dark Matter