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Interviewer: What are your names?

Person 1: My name is Angela

Person 2: My name is Scott

Interviewer: How old are you guys?

Angela: 15

Scott: 14

Interviewer: Do you guys have any hobbies? Things you like?

Angela: Is eating a hobby?

Interviewer: Lol

Angela: I play piano.

Scott: I like basketball and comics.

Interviewer: Where are you from?

Angela: Hangzhou (South China)

Scott: Tianjin (Northeastern China)

Interviewer: How has your first days here been so far?

Angela: It has been terrible, not good.

Scott: Its been good for me.

Interviewer: What is your favorite color?

Angela: Black and White

Scott: Black

Interviewer: Do you have any hope for the school year?

Angela: No

Scott: Creativity



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New Students