The Teacher Heist

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     Can you usually tell if something is missing? Well, if you haven’t noticed, something is. Many moons ago, something was stolen from under our noses, and it wasn’t Mr. Zannou. The school has had an offset feel. Out of 130 students, only 107 remain. Can you guess?

     They stole… our fifth grade class! The class that was supposed to enroll this year is missing! The middle school is barren and empty without peppy fifth graders. Many blame their disappearance on no lockers for the fifth graders at the middle school. Adding on to that matter, they also took…our fifth grade teachers! Many students miss Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Phillips. In fact, here are a few quotes from a direct source: “I love Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Phillips, I miss them so much!” “We liked fifth grade. It was awesome!”( Mili Watts, current 6th grader). Many miss the kind and loving fifth grade teachers.The only evidence that we have is pointing to some secret organization called the Lower School…


Read from left to right:

Top Row: Mili Watts,Daniel Wu, Nolan Conrad, Parker Stribling

Bottom Row: Ava Chordegian, Rebekah Wu


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The Teacher Heist